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Our Singers

Piedmont Chamber Singers is comprised of many talented vocalists from Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas.

Piedmont Chamber Singers in Concert

Certainly, the full list of those we count within PCS is quite larger than what you’ll see in any one concert.

This gives our chamber choir a large core of dedicated musicians from which to draw its talent for each performance.

If you are interested in auditioning for the choir, please see our auditions page or contact us for more information.

Core Singers

Our Core Singers Program is a re-imagining of our former Choral Scholar Program.

We believe this core approach keeps the spirit of the scholar program by providing support to area vocalists and as a result strengthening the choral group.

If you would like to help support this program, please consider donating and designating your contribution to our Core Singer Program.

We thank William R. and Karen Yoak Lewis for helping to establish the Choral Scholar Program. Their contribution making it possible PCS to keep encouraging choral excellence in our community.

PCS Ensemble

Carrie BiesiadeckiValerie Briggs SolomonGlenn BergesenDavid Blum
Carol CrockerGlenda BrownJacob GordonJohn Burchette
Cara HabermanFrances BurmeisterChris HeckmanKen Carpenter
Martha LowEmily CrowderNoah CameronPeter Juran
Katherine OtterbourgEvetter CulcleasureJoe Middleton
Sarah Ellen StephensBeth Juran
Maurissa ZimmermannKaren Kooken
Ellie SimpsonGeraldine San Mateo
Lori Gibson